Live Events Aug 30 - Sept 4, 2021

The Fire Conclave will have 3 events during Burn week which will be live streamed.  We would like to invite fire performers of any level and associated with any groups (or not) to participate. 

Fire alternatives are welcome, if you can’t get safety, there is a burn ban, or you just can’t spin fire, we acknowledge the difficulties and are willing to accept the best you can offer.  

We also want an audience to cheer the fire performers on, so if you can’t perform every night but can join to help cheer on the fire dancers, come and join us. Want your friends to be there to cheer you on, invite them (they do need to fill out the form though).

** All Times are PT Playa Time/PST 


Burning Man Opening Fire Ceremony & the One Flame
August 30, 2021

Crimson Rose will light a fire, which traditionally is kept through Burn Week and then is used to light the Fire Conclave on Burn Night.

  • Monday Aug 30th

  • 5:30 to 6:00 – Slide show

  • 6:00 – Opening Ceremony – Crimson Rose

  • 6:10 (ish) till we are done, free spin

** To participate in the free spin during the Opening Ceremony use this link **

If you just want to watch you can find a link on our webpage at or on our twitch stream 

Dance Dance Night
Sept 2, 2021

This is a fire dance for the sake of fire dancing night. It’s a chance to let your freak fire flame.  Come hang out or dance, we will appreciate the audience as well as the dancers. 

  • Thursday Sept 2nd
  •  7:00 PM – till we are done
  •  DJs (TBD)

We are looking for DJ’s, if you want to sign up email us a link to check out (**

To participate in the Dance Dance Night use this link **

If you just want to watch you can find a link on our webpage at or on our twitch stream 

Burn Night
Sept 4, 2021

  • Sat Sept 4th
  • 7:00 PM till the Man Burns
  • From 7:00 till 8:30(ish) we will have a free spin mixed with videos from Fire Conclave Fire groups, The Fire Conclave Videos will be prioritized but breaks for live performance will happen.   
  • Starting at around 8:30 we will have choreographed group performances.   

** To participate in Burn Night use this link **

If you just want to watch you can find a link on our webpage at or on our twitch stream 


Video Projects

  1. Passing The Flame 2021  – Closed for Submissions
    • The Fire Conclave Council will once again be putting together a Passing the Flame video for 2021.  If you missed last year’s video you can see it here. The overall theme, take fire from off video, do something with it, and then pass it on to the next person.
    • Project Details
  2. Group Videos – Closed for Submissions
    • Groups of 7 or more fire performers, showing us your best choreography.  We want them somewhere around 8 minutes long, they can be edited, but make sure you show us the fire.
    • The videos will be shown burn week and in the lead up to burn night
    • Project Details
  3. Highlight Videos – Closed for Submissions
    • Groups of 3 or more fire performers, creating 1 to 3 minute edited videos
    • Project Details
  4. Duets – Closed for Submissions
    • We are looking for your Duets up to 90 seconds
    • Show us the best parts of your duets but don’t edit the videos.  We want raw footage that we can put together.
    • Project Details

Stay Tuned!

Stay connected as we release details and dates about these projects: Follow us on Facebook,  and Instagram, or ask to join the Fire Conclave Announce List by emailing