In a fire duet, two people are intertwined in a dance with each other and their fire. We see the connection they have through their physical movement. After spending over a year separated from each other, share with us what it means to come back together. 

Here are the details:

Submit your duet videos by July 26th here – https://forms.gle/8ne7ZiKduHL2p5yJ7

  • They should be under 90 seconds – anything over may be trimmed
  • Do not edit – While we are ok with Camera motion, we don’t want edits in the duets, give them to us at your most raw and most awesomeness.
  • We want your fire to start between the two people in the duet and end between them (in the middle of the screen presumably). This will allow us to connect the duets. 
  • You can submit more than one video, however we may only use one. 

Videos will be shared on the Fireconclave.org website, and added to the Fire Conclave media stream during Burn week. We may edit a collection of them together, time depending.