Passing the Flame

Passing the Flame

The Fire Conclave Council will once again put together a Passing the Flame video for 2021.  If you missed last year’s video you can see it here. The overall theme, take fire from off video, do something with it, and then pass it on to the next person. 

This year we are focusing on how we are connected around the world and will incorporate more tools beyond fire-eating. We are also going to choreograph and plan it a bit more and as such have an interest form we need filled out so we can send you instructions. These won’t be complicated but will ask you to record a video approximately 5 – 15 seconds in length with exceptions. We will give you an exact time frame once we have the plan complete. In the video we will ask you to:

  • Capture the flame from Up, Down, Left, Right etc. 
  • Pass the flame when you are done. In some cases we may ask you to toss your tools to the next person, in others we will just ask you to move the fire off screen. 

We are also adding groups this year, so you all can work together to pass the fire your way to the next place/person.  Groups of three or more, preferably established groups, but we aren’t being strict. Groups will be given a bit more time so they can choreograph something (15 to 30 seconds). It will still be quick but hopefully give you and your team a chance to add some extra pop. 

If you want to participate please fill out the interest form by June 10th. We will send you guidelines by June 15th and request that you submit your videos for editing by July 6th.