Group & Highlight Videos

Group & Highlight Videos

Below are the details for both the Group Video Submission and the Highlight Videos.  We are excited to see what you make and don’t forget about the duets. Information about all of our video projects can be found here.

The submission process for group videos is as follows

  • Videos must be less than 8 minutes, if it must be a little longer we understand, but if it is too long we may need to cut it.
  • You may edit them but keep the credits and titles to a minimum.
  • We would like your videos by Aug 6th, however the final cut off to be included in the stream will be Aug 20th

Wanna send us a highlight video as well… the requirements are below. 

  • Videos must be 2 minutes or less, think commercial break.
  • Videos can be edited as much as you like, but it shou;d highlight your fire performance 
  • Videos do not need to be original, they could be clips from your longer Group video
  • Highlight videos do not have a min or max number of people
  • You may submit more than one video, however we may only use one.
  • Videos are due no later than Aug 20th. 

In both cases:

  • You are free to use whatever music you like, however, if we find our feed is being shut down or muted due to your music we will either mute it ourselves or remove the video (depending on the time available)
  • While the council may enjoy your nudity, we want the videos to stay family friendly to most of the world.

Submit videos with this link