Tabasco ~ Production Manager

Tabasco has a way with spreadsheets and geometry that inspires the rest of FC Council. He makes the maps and places each fire group with precision. From 2005 till 2010 Tabasco also lead the coordination of the Ambient Drummers. His crew, The Iron Monkeys, are our part of the production management team. Tabasco goes through your sign-in rosters with you on playa to determine how many Great Circle Access Passes (GCAPS) you get, and then counts out all of those freakin magic pieces of plastic. Tabasco instigated Pyrosutra, was Shin of the Northwest Fire Conclave, coordinated safety and stage managed for elaborate fire performance productions. Outside of Burning Man and the Fire Conclave Tabasco runs the artist collective Iron Monkeys and runs his own blacksmithing business in Seattle. Photo Credit: Kevin Levezu

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