Crimson Rose ~ Creative Director

The Fire Conclave is a production Rosie has been developing since 1991. The FC Council  works to fulfill and expand her vision. As a co-founder of Burning Man, the Black Rock Arts Foundation and Burning Man Project, Crimson’s life passion and work have focused on the arts and artistic expression, and developed the organization’s Art Department, including the infrastructure, financial and other support services that make possible the large-scale participatory art works that Burning Man is renowned for. With Crimson’s guidance, Burning Man serves as an inspirational limitless canvas, the works of which now find public placement in cities around the world and serve as catalytic sparks for community collaboration. Instigator of the Creative Energy and the Creative Director of the Fire Conclave, the largest gathering of fire performers in one place at one time in the world. Photo Credit: Kevin Levezu

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