Convergence Gallery – Call for Submissions

Convergence Gallery – Call for Submissions

Fire Conclave Convergence  is a gathering place for fire artists, it is a place to get information, meet other artists and communicate with the Fire Conclave Council on-playa. The walls of Convergence face into the 6 o’clock keyhole offering a blank canvas waiting to be filled with art! 

This year we invite photographers to submit prints for display on the Fire Conclave Convergence Walls. Your prints will join those from our Great Circle Documentarians: Grant Palmer, Espresso Buzz, Vimala Faith, Stewart Eastep and Kevin LeVezu.

If you would like to share your photography and present your work to the citizens of Black Rock City please use this form to submit your images for review by July 29, 2023. 

While we would love to accept all submissions we have a limited amount of space. The Fire Conclave Council and Great Circle Documentarians will review all submissions and choose the images to be presented. 

For the final display on-playa, invited artists are asked to provide a print of their image on metal, canvas, laminated poster or other medium that will stand-up to Playa conditions. We must also be able to securely fasten the print to a wood wall (not just hung on a hook). We’ve got 40 feet across by 8 ft high and will randomly place all pictures across the wall. 

You are welcome to participate even if you are not attending the event, however you must arrange for someone to collect your print on-playa and bring it home.

Requirements for Submission: 

  • Submit up to 3 images here.
  • Pictures can be of fire dancers on or off-playa 

Many thanks for your participation!

Questions? Email

Photo Credit: Kevin Levezu