Call for Ambient Musicians

Call for Ambient Musicians

Hello Musicians,

We are excited to return to Black Rock City in 2023!

This year the Ambient Musicians are implementing some exciting new changes, such as our Mentorship Drum Circles and our new Facebook group so that we, as a community, can all stay in touch. This year’s goal is to bring a more cohesive and tribal aesthetic to our burn night performance.

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I know everyone is excited to sign up as an Ambient Musician in 2023, so let’s get into the process for 2023:

Each interested Musician will be asked to fill out this form and attach a link to an audition video. This includes returning Ambient Drummers, Group Leaders, and Community Drummers. The purpose of the audition videos is so that we can assess your current skill level and style, in order to place you in the best possible groups! The video needs to be current. Previous years submission videos and performance videos will not be accepted. 

The video should incorporate the following aspects:

  • Perform 3 different rhythms/motifs. This will demonstrate your ability to hold a steady beat, improvise, and transition.
  • Video should be a minimum of 3 minutes, and a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Any style, rhythm or music is acceptable. We just want to see what you are capable of.
  • Please perform with the instrument that you intend to use on-playa.
  • Louder instruments are encouraged.
  • Keep it pure. No edited videos will be accepted. 

If you are using an instrument other than a drum, you must be comfortable performing with drummers as this is typically the primary make-up of this group. If you are submitting a video using an instrument other than drums, you are welcome to include a drum beat with your instrument in your video submission. One way to do this so we can see your transitions is to pre-record 3 different drum beats and play along with that recording. Or, another way to accomplish this is to invite a drummer friend to join you on your video, and practice three different beats together before you record. Be creative and have fun! 

On the form you will also be asked: Why do you want to be an Ambient Musician? This question will be used as a secondary screening process, so please be sure to include what being a part of this community means to you.

Here is the link to the official Ambient Musician Sign Up Form for 2023:

The form is active now, and the deadline to submit is:  June 1, 2023 at midnight 12:00am (PST)

From this form and audition video, we will choose 50 Musicians who will be eligible for a discounted performers ticket. For those not chosen, there is still a chance to be involved and perform. We will have OPEN ON-PLAYA SIGN UPS for up to 50 additional spots. We will not know exactly how many spots will be open until we meet with the Fire Groups to assess their needs for Musicians. But typically, this increases our total population to nearly 100 total performers.

We will be accepting Ambient Musician Sign Ups beginning now through June 1st at midnight 12:00am (PST). This will give us ample time to review your auditions and make our choices. It also gives us time to incorporate some exciting musical changes, and welcome everyone’s ideas for our costume aesthetic and groove ideas.  Those who are chosen will be notified mid to end of June.

This is an evolving process, and we are trying to make it fair and equitable for all interested Musicians. 
Thank you everyone!
Devil Stix Dave, Katalyst and Wulfpak
Ambient Musician Leads

Banner Photo Credit: Vimala Faith