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Choreography 101 – Video Samples

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Multiple Tool Choreography

Conclave: UK Fireworks Collective
Year: 2015
What we like about this: A large variety of props are beautifully executed in a cohesive and coordinated manner. Routine show well thought out, displaying both intent and practice. It never looks chaotic, disjointed or renegade-like. Both exciting and visually pleasing.

Finale Choreography

Conclave: Hellfire Society
Year: 2016
What we like about this: Finale’s should be a culmination of your entire show. This finale is a fantastic example of what can be achieved when you sync a large number of the same fire tool. It is everything we like: intent, practice, well thought out, beautifully executed, visually pleasing and BIG FIRE!!!

Combat Choreography

Conclave: New Model Circus Army
Year: 2017
What we like about this: Combat choreography is well rehearsed, resulting in moves that look realistic. Speed and strength of contact add to realism, and there are no pauses or hesitation. Since two combatants are not a lot of fire, the piece is framed with background fire.

Duet + Transition Choreography

Conclave Group: Southern Fire
Year: 2017
What we like about this Video: The duet is well thought out, practiced, and executed. It has a high level of interaction between the two performers. The transition from duet to next routine is subtle and fades elegantly without a rough cut or dead space.

Large Prop Choreography

Conclave: MythMaker
Year: 2016
What we like about this: Large props are incorporated into the dance as large background fire for Dragon Staves, but they are not just a stationary prop or background fire. They move to make patterns which results in a well balanced routine which is visually pleasing.

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