Fire Conclave

Video Projects

  1. Passing The Flame 2021  – Open for Submissions
    • The Fire Conclave Council will once again be putting together a Passing the Flame video for 2021.  If you missed last year’s video you can see it here. The overall theme, take fire from off video, do something with it, and then pass it on to the next person.
    • Project Details
  2. Group Videos
    • Groups of 7 or more fire performers, showing us your best choreography.  We want them somewhere around 8 minutes long, they can be edited, but make sure you show us the fire.
    • Timeline (Rough Draft)
      • Videos submitted Early to Mid August
    • The videos will be shown burn week and in the lead up to burn night
  3. Highlight Videos
    • Groups of 3 or more fire performers, creating 1 to 3 minute edited videos
    • Timeline (Rough Draft)
      • Videos submitted Early to Mid August
  4. Duets – Open for Submissions
    • We are looking for your Duets up to 90 seconds
    • Show us the best parts of your duets but don’t edit the videos.  We want raw footage that we can put together.
    • Project Details


The Fire Conclave will be hosting live events leading up to the event and during Burn week.  Check here for updates as our plans unfold. 

Pre Burn

Photo by: Espresso Buzz

  • Forums & workshops
    • We hope to have several workshops and are looking for requests and possible instructors who would like to share their knowledge in:
      • Fire Photography
      • Fire Videography
      • Choreography 

Burn Week

  • We will once again start with the Opening Ceremony
  • We will do a live broadcast dance night 
  • There will be a running a feed sharing the new videos along with previous videos
  • We will be investigating how best to incorporate all our feeds and events into the various platforms.

Burn Night

Photo by: Kevin Levezu

  • We will be showing videos and planning on a live presentation with the fire groups that have submitted intent.  We are still working out the details, but expect to put some serious thought into how to show the Fire Conclave at it’s best.

While we will do our best to complete all our ideas we may cut as needed, but will do everything we can to ensure everyone can participate and all submissions are utilized.

We would love to hear your ideas for videos, Burn week, and or Burn night, please use this quick form to submit them so we can keep them all in one place.

Stay Tuned!

Stay connected as we release details and dates about these projects: Follow us @ : FacebookInstagram, or ask to join the Fire Conclave Announce by emailing