Shin Tip: Episode #9 – Last Minute Video Audition Do’s & Dont’s

Shin Tip: Episode #9 – Last Minute Video Audition Do’s & Dont’s

Hi Everyone,

The deadline for your Video Audition inches closer, we wanted to cover some important reminders, do’s & don’ts.

We realize that even though this is an exciting time for Fire Groups, there is also stress involved in finalizing details and putting the polishing finishes on your video submissions. We completely understand. It is an equally exciting/stressful time for us in the FC Council. We look forward to watching all the different choreographies, costumes and prop development you have worked so hard to pull together over the last few months. However, the sheer number of video submissions we need to watch/evaluate and the small amount of time we have to accomplish this makes it a stressful time for us as well.  

So, in order to make sure everyone remains excited and as stress-free as possible, here are a few things to keep in mind…

Reminders, Do’s & Don’ts:

  • The DEADLINE for your Video Submission is:  Wednesday June 21st @ Midnight PDT 
  • Please don’t wait until the deadline to submit your video. SUBMISSIONS OPEN on June 8th.
  • Make sure your submission video is downloadable if possible via YouTube, Vimeo, or a file sharing program like Dropbox or Google Drive (Google photo does not work correctly so please use something else)
  • You may also UPLOAD your video directly in the form if that is easier
  • Use the submission form (see link below).
  • DO NOT use facebook or email us your video submission.
  • You will receive a Confirmation Response within 24 to 36 hours. If not, please email us.
  • We don’t need to know what’s different or what’s changed since your May Review.
  • Written “Brief Description” means an overview of your intent, not a play-by-play of what you’re doing.
  • Don’t add large or weird fire props that you have not requested permission to utilize.
  • We are not looking for your finished product, but we do want to see your best. If you have costuming in place, use it. Everything helps!
  • The person filming your submission video does not have to be the Documentarian you are going to be utilizing on the playa. However if you can please list your actual on-playa Documentarian on your video submission form.
  • Don’t over edit, so no fades/crossover/etc. in or out, no descriptions in the video, no titles except maybe the group name at the beginning.
  • Remember to smile! Don’t let the stress show on your faces. Make it fun and exciting to watch.
  • It’s your video, feel free to share it or not.
  • Check the video before you leave the filming site. Do test runs to make sure everything is working before you do the whole video
  • ADD LIGHTS we want to see you not just the fire
  • Don’t let the videographer mess with your video. They are there to help you tell your story, not create an artistic masterpiece.  

You will also need to let us know which Shin Summit date you intend to attend.  Either Sunday, July 16th at 11am PDT or Wednesday, July 19th at 6pm PDT. If you can’t make either you will need to watch a recorded video of the summit.

Important Links:

Good Luck to everyone. Looking forward to seeing all your fiery goodness…

The Fire Conclave Council
Crimson, Tabasco, Wrangler, Scorch and Natalie

Photo Credit: Kevin Levezu