Shin Tip: Episode #3 How to get to Burning Man regardless of the Fire Conclave

Shin Tip: Episode #3 How to get to Burning Man regardless of the Fire Conclave

This shin tip is meant to help you start planning on how to get to Burning Man just in case your group doesn’t make it into the Fire Conclave. This is mainly for people who have never been to Burning Man without their fire group, but want to be sure to go. It is not meant to be an end all to the information, but rather a short reference guide to help you on your way to other more complete guides.  

First things first, you need a ticket:

So being a part of the Fire Conclave will allow you access to a discounted ticket.  However you won’t know if your group will make it into the Conclave until July and that may be too late to plan so here are some things to know about tickets NOW in case you just don’t want to miss the burn.

  1. If you are involved in an established theme camp they may have what are called Steward tickets available.  The camp leaders will decide who gets these and they are usually Full Price tickets.
  2. There are two Primary ticket sales (of course there are other options but for the purpose of this shin tip these are the two to pay attention to),
    • The first happens in early April these are full price tickets 
    • The second is the OMG Sale which happens at the end of July (so after you find out if your group made it into the Conclave).
  3. The Third way that is important to tell our audience is the Ticket Aid Program (TAP)
    • This program is something you apply for and gives you access to reduced Price Tickets and Vehicle Passes
    • The application period opens March 15th and Closes when they hit their max or May 24th (whichever comes first).
    • These tickets are the same price as the Fire Conclave Tickets 
    • You may apply every year (but will need to prove need each time)
    • If you get a TAP please keep it and state you do not need a ticket when your shin submits their list of group members. 

If you buy full price tickets and then get into the Fire Conclave you may resell them (so you can afford Fuel right?).  The STEP program was started as a way to buy and return tickets while avoiding scammers, counterfeits and scalpers, and keeps tickets circulating within the community.  More Details on the Burning Man Ticket Site.

Vehicle Passes are also available in each of these sales,  but only one is needed per vehicle. 

In ALL CASES you will need a Burner Profile to apply which you can get here

You can also Find all the info about tickets and details here 

Some More Ticket Notes:

UNDERAGE KID TICKETS: Kids & families have been part of Burning Man since the first burn in 1986 on Bakers Beach.  For those that have kids that are part of their fire group:

  • Children 12 and under still get in free with their ticketed parents or legal guardians but need to have their own print-at-home kid Ticket.  Info later in the summer.
  • 13+ need a regular ticket, no additional form for 13-18yo.

Ok So You Have a Ticket, Now What?

Read the Survival Guide:

Figure out:

  • How are you gonna get there?
  • What’s this community I keep hearing about?
  • How do you get your stuff there?

So how do I get there?

 The most obvious way for some is driving, and this is a great way for some but also too many cars equals traffic. To help limit the amount of cars Burning Man requires every vehicle that enters Burning Man to have a Vehicle Pass (VP).  But offers a limited number of them, so you will need to make sure the vehicle you are in has one (even if you are not driving it).   VP’s are available in limited quantities via all the Ticket sales (including the Fire Conclave).

Other ways to get to Burning Man include Busses and Planes. That’s right, you can arrive on playa in style (with limited luggage) in a plane. Or fly to Reno or SF and catch the Burner Express Bus and skip the lines into Burning Man, sleep the whole way there and be the awesome refreshed and ready to help camp campmates that everyone loves. 

Details here for both the Bus and Flying options –

Have you heard about your regionals?

There are two types of regionals.  The event that may (or may not) be happening around you, that is a local version of the Burning Man Ethos.  Then there are the People.   People who have attended Burning Man and are local leaders in the community they are a part of.  They are often a wealth of knowledge and can direct you to resources.  To find your local regionals you can take a look here 

So how do I get my stuff there?

Bribing friends who are driving or camps with a truck is one way.  But if you coming from far away (east coast, europe, etc), you may not know many people who you can get to help you transport your things (especially if you are flying in and then taking a Burner Express Bus). Currently there are containers that for a reasonable fee ship from London, NY, DC,  Philly, Boston and I’m sure other places.  To find out about these contact your local Regionals.  and ask (again a wealth of knowledge)  

Final Thoughts

There are a million different resources for Burning Man.  While the council is happy to help when we can, you should also do the work yourself.  Half the fun (maybe more) of Burning Man is the preparation and the community of people you get to work with and meet.

Photo Credit: Espresso Buzz