Shin Tip: Episode #14 – The Importance of Radioheads

Shin Tip: Episode #14 – The Importance of Radioheads

Managing the Great Circle requires clear and exact communication between all the different teams involved in order to produce and execute a production as complicated as burn night. Safety is of utmost importance and requires each position to be vigilant. This is especially true of the Radiohead position.     

Think of your Radiohead as an extension of the person (aka: Crimson) running the show. Equipped with a radio and headset, your Radiohead is responsible for relaying vital information between Show Operations and your group before, during and after your fire performance. They check in, relay weather information, listen for cues to start and stop, and transmit this information to their fire performance groups. ​In the event of an emergency, look to your Radiohead to relay all necessary directions/information.  

​Each fire group has only one Radiohead. Shins should think critically about whom they place in this role as the Radiohead position requires a great deal of responsibility, integrity and above all, clear communication skills. Radioheads must have a critical eye to observe everything that happens with, around and outside of the performers area. 

Radioheads are expected to perform this singular task and may not​ ​perform with fire, act as fire safety, play music, act as the group’s Documentarian, or take part in any other role besides their Radiohead duties. The Shin/Shin Assist may assume the role of Radiohead, but if they do the same rules apply: they may not act as safety, performer or Documentarian while performing their Radiohead duties.


  • Attend the mandatory Radio Training Protocol meeting on Saturday 9/2 @ 2:00 p.m.  A radio and headset will be provided at this meeting, so come prepared to fill out all required check-out paperwork.
  • Return all equipment to the designated area after the perimeter drops. The designated area will be covered at the mandatory meeting.
  • Honor sobriety while performing their duties during burn day/night activities.

If you have any other questions or concerns about the Radiohead position, feel free to email us at:

The Fire Conclave Council,

Crimson, Tabasco, Wrangler, Scorch and Natalie

Photo Credit: Vimala Faith