Shin Tip: Episode #12 – The Importance of Sentinels

Shin Tip: Episode #12 – The Importance of Sentinels

Now that filming is done and selections are underway, we thought it would be the perfect time to review some of the components of the Great Circle. One very important position is called:  The Sentinels.

In the past, fire groups within the Great Circle had trouble identifying exactly where their performance area started and stopped. This problem was compounded by the fact that no physical barrier of any kind could be erected which could create a safety hazard to participants rushing in to get close to the Man’s fire once the perimeter was released. So we came up with an idea that would both solve this problem and recognize fire groups that are not selected to dance in the Great Circle, but who did well enough that the FC Council wanted to acknowledge their efforts. 

Participating as a Sentinel gives those selected the opportunity to observe Fire Groups within the Great Circle. Not only does this provide inspiration and a starting point for next year, but it allows them to see where the bar has been raised within the Great Circle, to better prepare them and their group for next year.  

The Sentinels, with their giant torches of fire, will occupy the space between the different fire groups within the Great Circle. These points of light around the circle are comprised of  1-2 Torch Bearer(s) and a Fire Safety. Their presence delineates the boundaries of each performance space and acts as an integral part of the Great Circle’s safety infrastructure. 

As the Burn Night Ritual begins, the fire that has been burning all week long will be transferred to a special lantern called the Luminferous. This Procession then makes its way around the Great Circle, lighting a torchbearer from each Sentinel Team.

The Great Circle slowly becomes alive…

More than just perimeter and safety, Sentinels bring an element of beauty and illumination to the Great Circle, and act as an integral part of the ritual of bringing fire to the Great Circle for all to experience.

They are the reason you don’t have to worry about your boundaries.

They are there to support you, and help keep you safe.

They have your backs. Have theirs as well. 

So when you meet them in the great circle, standing there illuminating your borders, be sure to say hello… and thank you.

Stay tuned for more fiery goodness. 

The Fire Conclave Council,

Crimson, Tabasco, Wrangler, Scorch and Natalie

Photo Credit: Kevin Levezu