In Support of Maui and Hawaii Fire Artists

In Support of Maui and Hawaii Fire Artists

If you are following the Maui fires we invite you to join the re-activated BWB Hawaii Facebook Group. BWB co-founder Carmen Mauk is currently living in Maui. She is in touch with Hawaii BWB and will do what she can to point people in the right direction to support the effort there. She let us know that it will mostly be money that is needed since regular civilians can’t really help clean up after a fire. Today she will be going down to volunteer and will let the group know what she learns. Mahalo.

A message from BWB co-founder Carmen Mauk who is currently living in Maui. 

How you can help Maui right now: Gas Cards and Visa Cash cards I will be volunteering at the main shelter here on Maui. From my 12 years of running disaster relief operations, I have learned that getting funds directly to the survivors is the priority immediately following a disaster. Any funds donated to my Venmo or PayPal account will go directly to survivors most in need in the form of gas cards and visa cash cards. I will personally deliver them.

Venmo: @Carmen-Mauk


The Fire Conclave Council,
Crimson, Tabasco, Wrangler, Scorch and Natalie

Photo Credit: Grant Palmer, Hawaii Fire Artists , 2019