The Tuesday Photo Shoot

The Tuesday Photo Shoot

The Tuesday shoot is a gift  from the Fire Conclave’s Great Circle Documentarians: Grant Palmer, EspressoBuzz, Vimala Faith, and Kevin LeVezu. 

This is an opportunity for fire performers to strut their stuff in front of the Man while the Documentarians take photos. These images are a gift from the photographers which participants may access for non-commercial use (in other words you can’t make money with them but you can share with your family and friends.) 

The Documentarians capture literally thousands of images on playa and, after the dust settles, they turn their attention to sifting through images and working their post-production magic! 

We are happy to announce that the Tuesday Photo Shoot Gallery is up! Many thanks to the Great Circle Documentarians for capturing our special moments on playa. 

The pictures available here are low resolution versions of the images which you may download for your personal use. Please credit the photographer if you share the image. If you’re not sure who to credit look for the photographer’s initials in the image filename: 

EB – EspressoBuzz: @espressobuzz

GP – Grant Palmer: @grantpalmerphotography (filename includes initials ‘gp’)

KL – Kevin Levezu: @kevin_levezu

VM – Vimala Faith: @vimalafaithphoto

If you would like a higher resolution version for print, contact the Documentarians directly through social or email the Fire Conclave Council and we will put you in touch.

Want to share your fire pics? Submit your images to the Fire Conclave Website Gallery here.

The Fire Conclave Council,
Crimson, Tabasco, Wrangler, Scorch and Natalie

Photo Credit: Vimala Faith

Fire Artist: Sophie Dow