The Fire Circle

The Fire Circle

UPDATE MAY 22, 2022: There is a limited opportunity for your group to be represented in The Fire Circle (film),  footage must be filmed between now and your audition date. Contact Stewart on Discord or email the Fire Conclave Council to get in touch


Greetings Shins, Assistants, Choreographers, Documentarians & Performers

I’m Stewart Eastep.  I have been shooting fire performance since 2017, beginning when I served as documentarian for Hot CoCo for three consecutive years on playa (4 including the 2020 film). In 2019 I started a media project documenting fire performance at Burning Man and this year, with support of the Fire Conclave Council, I plan to expand it further into a longer form project. This project involves the Fire Conclave leadership, Shins, and covers fire performance at Burning Man culminating in the Great Circle performance and burning of the man. 

Vimala Faith has signed on to collaborate. Between the two of us we’re going to be covering a ton of dust. If you’re not already familiar with her work, a fine sample is found here:

The Fire Circle (film) begins right where you are now—hard at work on your Great Circle performance. We’re going to need some BTS (behind the scenes) from your practices. This is a specific, time-sensitive request so try to capture some of this as soon as possible. It won’t be used by Fire Conclave to critique your performance, but will be of great context to the film. So whether your group has a dedicated documentarian or not, you can participate now by capturing and submitting  footage of your group’s efforts to make it to playa this year (example 

Upon reaching the playa we’ll coordinate interviews with Shins and performers. We’ll be filming at events, both scheduled and unscheduled, mornings at the man, and at the trash fence.

One more thing—I want you all to have an amazing audition video! I’m going to offer myself as a resource for this effort. I’m working on a blog post that discusses (with some examples) how to do so. The first secret I’ll give away here and now: 

  • Start test shooting your lit run-throughs ASAP!!!
  • Get the camera you want to film with and put it in the conditions you plan to shoot your audition in. 
  • You don’t need your full choreography worked out. Just film a section that is coming along and start dialing in 
  • the camera settings for your future audition.

I’ll be using the project’s instagram channel also for further illustration, so follow that account as well:

Ok, here’s a taste: The Fire Circle 2022 Teaser

Vimala and I both are looking forward to an amazing week in Black Rock City with you!

– Stewart Eastep

Writer & Director of The Fire Circle

Photo credit: Image: S. Edward Eastep/ Burning Man Metamorphoses

Stewart Eastep
Vimala Faith