Shin Tip: Episode #7 – Mentorship Program

Shin Tip: Episode #7 – Mentorship Program

Hi Firebugs,

Congratulations on making it through your first hurdle: The MayDay Reviews. The Council saw some really promising videos and made suggestions where we could. But then we asked ourselves if there was something more that we could do to help? This thinking led to the creation of our new “Mentorship” program which we are now offering to each of you. 

The Mentorship Program is completely voluntary and consists of one-on-one help with one of our Council Members. You, and members of your group, will get together for a 30-60 minute Zoom meeting to discuss different aspects of choreography and filming. Together you will brainstorm ideas and solutions geared towards your specific challenges. The goal for meeting with a Council Member is not to have them create your choreography, but only to assist you in finding yours through their years of experience in Fire Dance Choreography. Inclusion into the Mentorship Program does not in any way guarantee admission into the Fire Conclave, but a chance for Fire Groups who feel like they are struggling to reach out for advice and guidance.  

If you are interested in participating in our new Mentorship Program, please let us know by responding to this email by  5/25/22, or by requesting involvement in your monthly report. We will then assign you to a Council Member who will be reaching out to you to schedule your Mentorship meeting.

We are really excited about this next level of Mentorship, and hope you are as well.


The Fire Conclave Council
Crimson, Tabasco, Wrangler, Scorch and Natalie