Shin Tip – Episode #14: Secondary Fuel Containment Information

Shin Tip – Episode #14: Secondary Fuel Containment Information

As citizens of Black Rock City, we must always be conscious to Leave No Trace. 

Nowhere is this more important than inside the Great Circle on burn night. As protecting the playa is of utmost concern, we wanted to remind everyone that secondary fuel containment to protect the playa surface from fuel spills…

Burning Man has guidelines in place for how to store fuel in your theme camp or personal campsite (see links below). However, since these secondary containment recommendations would cause a safety hazard inside the Great Circle, we have come up with separate guidelines that we are asking Fire Conclave members to follow:


  • Fuel must be transported in containers designed and rated for the fuel being carried within (EPA certified). The original manufacturer containers (eg.. the cans Coleman Fuel/White Gas comes in) are acceptable. 
  • All fuel not in their original containers should be clearly labeled with what type of fuel is being stored within. 
  • All fuel containers should be transported and placed in a “secondary containment” basin that will catch the fuel in case of a spill. A secondary containment solution can be as simple as a small plastic tub with a raised lip or sides placed beneath your fuel containers and dip cans/buckets to catch any spilled fuel so it is not absorbed into the playa.
  • Fuel containers should not be filled more than 80% of capacity to allow for heat expansion.  
  • All fuel containers and dip cans/buckets should remain closed except when filling/dispensing.
  • Never use fuel containers or dip cans/buckets that are cracked or damaged.

Handout (PDF):

Fuel and Hazmat Storage:

Understanding the EPA Fuel Container Requirements:

Examples of Secondary Containment Bin:

Example of EPS certified Breather Bottle:

See you all soon!
The Fire Conclave Council
Crimson, Tabasco, Wrangler, Scorch and Natalie

Photo Credit: EspressoBuzz