Shin Tip: Episode #10 – While You Wait…

Shin Tip: Episode #10 – While You Wait…

Hello Shins, 

We know everyone is anxiously awaiting word from the Council on your video submissions.  We will be working hard to get the final decisions out ASAP.

So, what should you do while you’re waiting?

  1. Start getting your Group List in order: 
    • Due date for your group list is July 25th.  If you haven’t started it (or haven’t emailed the form link to your group to fill out) now would be a good time to start.
    • Don’t have access to your spreadsheet?  Email the Council ASAP and get that figured out. Sometime in the next week or two the council will be adding a column in the spreadsheet which will require you to put your name/initials next to the group member.  This will verify that you approve their request to be in your group and receive a ticket via the Fire Conclave.  
    • Gift Tickets are awarded to returning groups in good standing. You will know how many gift tickets your group is receiving in your acceptance letter. In your group form, you will need to change the “YES” to “GIFT” in the ticket column for any person receiving a gift ticket.  Distribution of gift tickets is up to your discretion. They can be distributed to those that need it the most, or worked the hardest. Whatever you feel is appropriate.  
  2. Check in with your Documentarian:
    • They have told you they have registered 10 times using this link:
      But did they send you a copy of the confirmation email?  If they did, great! If they didn’t, ask them to forward you a copy. If they say “what confirmation email?” you know you have a problem. Ask them to re-register or email Media Mecca to verify that they have registered correctly. Chances are they have not. This seems to be a consistent issue year after year, so don’t let it be yours.
    • The deadline for Documentarian Registration is July 20th @ 12pm noon (PST). 

Thank you for all your hard work.  Rest assured we are currently working hard to get you our decisions…

Lots more info to come!

The Fire Conclave Council
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