2022 Fire Conclave Intention Period is open until March 1, 2022

2022 Fire Conclave Intention Period is open until March 1, 2022

The Fire Conclave Council is delighted to announce that the Intent to Perform submission form (google form) is NOW OPEN. The submission period closes March 1, 2022 @ Noon PST.

If you want to be a Shin and are stoked about setting up your new group then you MUST read our 2022 edition of So You Want To Be a Shin (pdf) found here. Even if you have no intention of becoming a Shin, reading through the So You Wanna Be a Shin document will give you insight to what’s expected of your group leader and may provide insight as to how you (as a performer, safety, helmsman or video/photographer) may support them.

Group Sizes

There are spaces for two sizes of  groups, Large and Small within the Great Circle. We accept between 24 and 32 groups each year depending on the audition videos and how well each group communicates and completes the required steps. We know that people don’t always have the resources to create a large group, or the ability to manage so many and so we have created a space for smaller groups. We leave the final details till we know who has made it into this year’s Conclave. Once you decide on being a small or large group you have until June 1st to finalize that. Your group will need to stay within the restrictions of that group type. 

IMPORTANT DEADLINES!! Visit the Fire Conclave Resource Page for a full list of upcoming important deadlines including the MayDay review, audition video submission, and Documentarian Registration.

Photo Credit: Grant Palmer Photography