2022 Ambient Musicians

2022 Ambient Musicians

Hello Musicians,

We are excited to return to Black Rock City in 2022, after a two year hiatus. Over the last two years the Fire Conclave Council has been busy exploring and reexamining their rituals, teams and frameworks in order to embrace the positive aspects of what can be achieved through transformation. One of the teams we have decided to focus on is The Ambient Drummers and Processional Band, which will now be called the “Ambient Musicians”  to be inclusive of all musicians.

Let me introduce myself. My name is David Hirschman, better known as Devil Stix Dave, and I am the new Ambient Musician Team Lead. I’m looking forward to meeting each and every one of you and exploring the music we will make together. 

Since I am new to this job and would like to get to know each of you, I am asking that each individual person – whether you are a returning Ambient Drummer, a Group Leader, or a Community Drummer fill out the Intent Form and submit an Audition Video. If you are a Community Drummer, it’s OK that each of you submit the same group drumming audition video. Just make it clear in the notes who you are.

Here is the link to the official Ambient Musician Sign Up Form for 2022: https://forms.gle/zLdQhEeAL77KMpXp7

The video should incorporate the following aspects:

  • Perform 3 different rhythms or motifs for 1 minute. This will demonstrate your ability to hold a steady beat, improvise, and transition.
  • Any style, rhythm or music is acceptable. We just want to see what you are capable of.
  • Please perform with the instrument that you will be utilizing on-playa.

On the form you will also be asked: Why do you want to be an Ambient Musician. This question will be used as a secondary screening process, so please be sure to include what being part of this community means to you.

The form is active now, and the deadline to submit is:  May 30, 2022 at midnight 12:00am (PST)

From this form and audition video, we will choose 50 Musicians who will be eligible for a discounted performers ticket. For those not chosen, there is still a chance to be involved and perform. We will be accepting OPEN ON-PLAYA SIGN UPS for up to 50 additional spots. We will not know exactly how many spots will be open until we meet with the Fire Groups to assess their needs for Musicians. But typically, this increases our total population to nearly 100 total performers.

We will be accepting Ambient Musician Sign Ups beginning now through May 30th. This will give us ample time to review your auditions and make our choices. It also gives us time to incorporate some new and exciting musical changes.  Those who are chosen will be notified mid to end of June.

This is an evolving process, and we are trying to make it as fair and equitable for all interested Musicians. I ask for your understanding and patience through this transition period, and hope this year brings the beginning of an exciting new journey.


David Hirshman (aka Devil Stix Dave)

Ambient Musician Lead – Burning Man Fire Conclave


 A little more about me:

I have been a percussionist for over 20 years. I started with Dijembe and Cahon drums in highschool, but more recently have been exploring Hang and Rav Vast drumming.

I am formerly from Reno, and grew up watching people coming and going from Burning Man. Watching them inspired me and I attended my first burn in 2000. In 2001, I joined a local fire dancing troupe called “Controlled Burn” and performed with them in the Great Circle for several years.

Some of my on-playa accomplishments are performing for the Burning Man Rock Opera, helping to build the Shiva Vista Stage, and serving as a member of the Luminist/Procession Team since 2018.

In my personal life I am a very easy going person and strive to be non-confrontational. One of my fondest memories was winning first place in the International Juggling Stick’s Competition in 2010.

Words to live by…

“Live and let live” 

“Agree to disagree”

“You do not speak for me”

“Talk softly but carry a big stick”

“When fighting the undead always aim for the head”