(2021) Shin Tip: Episode #1 – Communication 101

(2021) Shin Tip: Episode #1 – Communication 101

Shin Tip:  Episode #1 – Communication 101 and our first Shin Forum…

Photo by Kevin LeVezu

Hi Shins!

Welcome, and congratulations on jumping through the hoops to submit your Fire Group’s intention to perform in the 2021 Fire Conclave!

During the first month or so, the passing of information between the Fire Conclave Council and you, then from you to your group can seem overwhelming. So, we’ve come up with this document which outlines how to best communicate with us, find us on Social Media, as well as other ways to stay informed. This document also includes upcoming important meeting links, so we highly recommend saving this document so it’s available for future reference.

Communicating with The Fire Conclave Council:
Email Us:
The Primary way to contact us is through email. You may contact us directly anytime at: fireconclave@burningman.org. This email goes to the whole council (Crimson, Tabasco, Wrangler, Scorch and Natalie)

In the “Subject Line” of the email (aka title) please include your groups name and the subject. This is important so that we can track correspondence for each group.

For example:

Subject line of email: The Sparkle Donkey Project – March Report

In the “Body” of the email please include the Group Name and the Shin’s Name. For example:

Body of email:  The Sparkle Donkey Project  –  Whiskey Sparkle

You do not need to wait to ask questions in your monthly reports. You may ask them as they come up or when you feel you have enough questions that need answering.  Please make sure to change the subject line of the email to reflect your group name and what it is you are asking (see above). Often we find one person asks, but 10 people want to know (and 10 more didn’t know they should know!).  So don’t be afraid to ask. If enough of you ask the same thing, we will clarify in a bigger email, a shin tip, the shin list or in the facebook group.

  • Monthly Reports: We require a “Monthly Report” from each group’s Shin which is due via email by the 25th of each month. Please don’t wait until the last day to send them, as receiving them all on the same day is a lot for us to shift through. You may send them two weeks prior to the deadline. These progress reports are tracked, and we acknowledge their receipt. Failure to provide us with monthly reports can jeopardize your group’s good standing within the Fire Conclave. The required format for this report can be found here (we suggest bookmarking this page on your computer’s bookmark bar for easy access).
  • Shin Summits: We conduct two mandatory Shin Summits per year. Once early on in the season, and another one later in the season (typically mid-July). The purpose of these Summits is to cover as much important information relating to the Fire Conclave as we can. It also gives you, the Shins and Assistant Shins, the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications.

These Summits are conducted utilizing a video conferencing service called “Zoom”. You also have the option of calling in if you absolutely must, but we do occasionally share things to the screen, so video conferencing is the preferred method.

Our first mandatory Shin Summit is coming up soon!  

When:  Sunday, March 28th from 2-4:00pm (PST – meeting opens at 1:45pm)

Meeting Link:  In Shin list email or on the FB Group

Please refer to the Zoom Forum Invitation email via the Shin List for more details, such as phone numbers to call in, etc.

  • Special Educational Forums:

This year we are continuing with our Educational Forums, created in an effort to help both newer Shins, as well as seasoned professionals, with a variety of topics. The first educational forum for 2021 is called “Choreography 101” and will cover the different aspects of choreography related specifically to Fire Conclave, including “how to practice during a pandemic”. Other topics will be presented such as:

  • Seeking Inspiration
  • Duets
  • Transitions
  • Storylines
  • When/how to use Large Fire Props. 

We highly encourage Shins, Assistant Shins, and group lead Choreographers to attend.   

When:  Sunday, March 28th from 4:30-6:00pm (PST)

Meeting Link:  In Shin list email or on the FB Group

Follow Us On Online:

  • Fire Conclave Facebook Page:

Follow us on Facebook! The Fire Conclave has a main page open to the public where you can be the first to see important information such as deadlines, ticketing information, photos and more. Visit us at:


  • Fire Conclave Instagram Page:

Follow us on Instagram @fireconclave.  We will be posting pictures from burn night from the Great Circle Documentarian Team (Grant Palmer, Kyer Wiltshire, Espresso Buzz and Kevin LeVezu) Check them out at: https://www.instagram.com/fireconclave/?hl=en

  • The Fire Conclave Website

The website has four primary sections currently.  

  • A gallery (which we will work on expanding this year). 
  • A Knowledge Base where we will publish handbooks and other resources including example choreography videos
  • The blog where we will do our best to share announcements (such as this) and other info.
  • A calendar, where we will keep deadlines and important dates updated.

Other Communications from The Fire Conclave Council:

  • Fire Conclave Announce List:

Stay up to date with all the activities related to the Fire Conclave at Burning Man directly from the Fire Conclave Council. Anyone in the fire performance community (or interested in fire dancing in general) is encouraged to subscribe. 

Email us at:  fireconclave@burningman.org, and tell us something about yourself, your relationship with fire performance, if you have attended Burning Man, and anything else you want to express about yourself. That’s it. We’ll subscribe you to the list.

  • Shin Tips from the Fire Conclave Council:
    Shin Tips are little tidbits of information that we feel will help you better manage your groups. Topics range from managing suggestions to important reminders. We send them out a couple of times a month, so keep an eye out for them. They will appear in your email inbox and in our closed Facebook group.

Communicating with Other Shins:

  • The Shin List:

Each year we create a list called “The Shin List” which is similar to a forum except that it starts fresh every year and does not archive. It’s a place where the FCC can send important information down the pipeline for you to pass on to your groups. It’s also a place where you can get advice, suggestions, and share information with other Shins. There are a lot of seasoned professionals in this group and we encourage newer Shins to tap into this pool of knowledge. 

We (the Fire Conclave Council) monitor the Shin List so we can step in if a question or topic is asked that needs further clarification. Shins and shin assists are automatically added to this list. Please make sure you are receiving these emails. If you are not, check your spam folder and change your personal settings so that these hit your inbox.

  • The 2021 Fire Conclave “Moon Base” Facebook Group:

For those of you who prefer social media to email, we have created a “secret” facebook group for shins and assistant shins. Much like the shin list, it’s a great way to ask questions, source tips on managing your groups, and organize camps, fire events and meet-ups.

You must request to join this group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fc.moonbase 

You will be asked to answer some identifying questions, and will be added once approved.

Communicating/Relaying Information to your Group:

We have found the two best ways to communicate information to your group people are:

  • Utilizing Social Media Groups (such as Facebook):
    Utilizing groups on social media sites such as Facebook is a great way to keep communication flowing between you and your fire group. You can set up one main Facebook Group where all important announcements (such as ticket and filming information) can be passed onto all of your members. Then, you can set up smaller groups dividing each part of your choreography into sections or pods (ie: duet, staff routine, etc..). Smaller groups can be led by a “captain” who reports to the Shin or Assistant Shin. This is a great way for each smaller group to discuss choreography, costuming, and practice information pertinent to their section, yet still keeping the shin involved.
  • Utilizing Email Groups (such as google or yahoo):
    If email is your thing, make a google or yahoo group.  Put everyone in the group and then instead of sending emails to 30 individuals, you can simply send the emails to a group address.
  • Utilizing Other Platforms:
    Zoom, Slack, Discord, there are a plethora of options available to help you manage your group.  Try them out, and don’t be afraid to swap tools when the ones you start with aren’t working. Ask other shins what they use, you never know who holds the key to making everything easier. 

Keep in mind that you may have to do both as some of your members may not utilize social media…


The Fire Conclave Council
Crimson, Tabasco, Wrangler, Scorch and Natalie